Deep Cleaning Slate Floor

Choose the right Slate Floor Cleaning Company

Sometimes this is easier said than done, not all Slate Floor Cleaning Companies are the same.

You want the best for your Slate Floors, You've invested a lot of Money into them and you want them looked after and treated as they deserve to be.

Training and Education for Slate Floor Cleaning is a huge part of doing the job right, anyone can go and purchase equipment and products, but a real professional slate floor cleaning service will invest the time and money in training to make sure they know how to clean slate floors properly.

A professional Slate Floor Cleaning Company will also come out to survey your floors first, its impossible to give a price over the phone to clean any natural stone floor, in most cases a test patch will have to be performed, the reason for this is to make sure we can exceed your expectations and ensure we give you the finish you want.

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Why Choose us for your Slate Floor Cleaning


Professional Slate Floor Cleaning Company

How We Clean and Seal your Slate Floors

  1. We prepare the room - Remove all moveable items, we then protect all skirting boards and wall coverings with low tack tape  and  water   proof plastic
  2. Vacuum Floor  - We Use a Powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to remove all the loose dirt and soil, using brushes and edging tools to ensure maximum removal of all dust and debris
  3. Deep Cleaning/Stripping - Using a Specialist Slate Floor Cleaner which is powerful enough to breakdown old seal/polish build ups and loosen ingrained dirt, we then use various brushes/pads and industrial machinery to clean deep down including the grout lines, then using our high powered van mounted machinery that provides pressurized water and high vacuum to produce unrivalled results
  4. Neutralizing the Slate Floor - Before your Slate Floor can be sealed, it has to be completely rinsed off of any residues, this step does that ready for further treatments
  5. Drying - Using small  Industrial Dryers, we speed up the drying of the floor ready for the protective treatment
  6. Sealing - Using a Professional Slate Sealer, we apply the required number of coats to protect your floors and to give you the finish you want, the Specialist Floor Treatment will aid the daily cleaning of the Slate Floor and keep it looking better for longer
  7. We're Still Here - That's right, once we've finished your floor, we're always at the end of the phone or will quite happily visit you to give you completely free advice on keeping your floors looking great.

If you would like to book us in to give you a free Survey of your Slate Floors, Don't hesitate to contact us on the number at the top of the page, or fill in or easy to use form that can be found on our Contact Page, One of our Experienced advisors will be happy to help.