We provide commercial upholstery cleaning to a wide range of companies across Herefordshire; from Bars, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs to offices, schools leisure centres and council facilities.

Our number 1 priority is to help your business get a cost-effective and efficient cleaning service, with minimum disruption for your business and your customers.

With extensive experience, advanced training and state for the art van mounted vacuum cleaning equipment, we can guarantee to provide an outstanding cleaning service, safely and conveniently delivered to your business premises.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Service benefits

Professional and affordable commercial upholstery cleaning in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas including:

With extensive experience and expert training in upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and leather restoration techniques - we provide a high quality service that delivers outstanding results. Our commercial upholstery cleaning service offers several advantages over our regional and national competitors:

  • High quality cleaning service - excellent results
  • Advanced self sufficient van mounted cleaning equipment
  • No noise or heavy equipment in your home or work place
  • Ultra fast drying times
  • Deodorisation and Antibacterial options available

About our upholstery cleaning service

After checking the fibre content of your commercial upholstery we proceed with a light spray of upholstery cleaning solution which is gently massaged into the fabric and then left to penetrate the fibres - this then releases all the soiling from the fabric.

Once this has been achieved we use a special hand tool (at the right temperature and water flow rate for the fabric), to rinse the solution out and extraction all the way back to the van. The hand extraction tool uses an advanced method for laying down water  whilst extracting at high pressure to prevent wetting the foam underneath the fabric. This flushes out the cleaning solutions without the over-wetting, giving us drying times of hours instead of days, and sometimes just minutes.

We use high performance air movers to disperse the left over moisture leaving your upholstery (in a lot of cases) dry and ready to sit on.